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Millie is 20 months old. She is in this weird stage where she’s to old to really be considered a baby, but she’s too babyish to be considered a big kid. It’s crazy. She “talks” all the time, but I have no clue what she’s saying. She has started pretending (it’s so cute to see her play with her kitchen set, stirring and putting things in the little microwave) but still doesn’t quite catch the concept of putting away toys. And then it comes to, ahem, bathroom topics. She eats big girl food and thus has what can be described as big girl poops, but she has yet to show any interest in potty training. The combination of big girl poops and diapers leads to bad butt (diaper rash). Poor Millie has sensitive skin and is very prone to diaper rash. It is pitiful. We are going through Butt Paste around here! So, it’s got me thinking. How can I prevent bad butt? Potty training would be ideal, but we’re just not there yet. Keep investing in tubes and tubes of Butt Paste? It’s a possibility. Switch to cloth diapers? Hmmmm…. maybe. Is 20 months too old to start cloth diapering? Nate and I plan to have another baby someday so I could use cloth diapers on future baby too. I really wanted to cloth diaper Millie, but I did not think that I could do initially while working full time. Now, I’m thinking I could do it at least part-time. And if it would help with her diaper rash, it would be worth it to look into. Any thoughts out there? Cloth diaper lovers? Haters? Let me hear it.


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  1. Ah cloth diapers, can I be a lover and a hater? It is never too late to start using cloth diapers but you have to evaluate the reward verses the cost. I used cloth diapers almost exclusively with Gracie and it saved us a ton of money. I have not been as good using them with John, so much so that when I put them on again recently he asked what they were. The reason I have been worse using cloth diapers with John is they are more time consuming; so you have to ask yourself do I really have time for one more thing.

    It is true that most kids that wear cloths diapers have a better luck with diaper rash but that is because you check them and change them more often with cloth. Also, I have heard of some kids getting bad diaper rash even with cloth diapers and if Mills has really sensitive skin she may be one of those. I know I am being a lot of help, right? I would suggest using A & D ointment with every diaper change. It is not quite as expensive as Butt Paste and I know of folks who have used it every diaper change as a preventative measure. Here is their website, Final, make sure she is drinking plenty of water; water makes everything better.

    • Thanks for the info, sister. I’m definitely hoping for some cost-savings by going the CD route. Even if we just get a few months use out of the stash I already bought, we’ll save some. I know switching to cloth may not solve “badd butt” but I figure more frequent changes and fewer chemicals can’t hurt. I also made my own cloth and disposable wipes, so that should be more gentle too. I’m doing the CD trial run this weekend. Wish me luck!

  2. Not sure cloth diapers would help with the diaper rash. Jeff compounds an excellent diaper rash cream at our pharmacy. 2 of our technicians swear by it for their grandbabies. It might be worth a try.

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