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Thought I’d share a quick update on the cloth diaper front. We have been using cloth diapers for evenings and weekends for a couple of weeks now and it’s going GREAT. It’s probably too early for a real “review” so I’ll call this my first impressions of cloth diapering. We have a total of 18 cloth diapers:

  • 12 prefolds and 3 covers (Econobum)— these are “old school” cloth diapers that include a rectangular cotton diaper that can be folded in multiple ways. Since it’s just cotton, the cover is needed to make it waterproof. You can reuse the cover for multiple wet diapers (just wipe it off and put it back on). I bought these because they were cheap (less than $50 for 12 diapers!!), but as soon as I got them, I was nervous about using them. I was worried they would be inconvenient or ineffective, but so far these have been great. I just trifold the diaper, lay it in the cover, and then snap the cover. They are bulkier than a disposable diaper, but since Millie is tiny, it’s actually helped her pants to fit better. 
  • 4 pocket diapers (BumGenius 4.0)— These diapers are very popular and it’s easy to see why. They are pretty much just as easy as a disposable diaper (once the pocket has been stuffed). They fit Millie very well and we have been using these as our overnight diapers with no leaks (I use a one size insert with a extra newborn insert— each diaper came with one of each). Plus, they dry quickly. I love these diapers.
  • 2 AIO diapers (BumGenius Freetime)— These are the “easiest” cloth diapers you can get. Nothing to fold, no pockets to stuff. Just a reusable diaper that goes on like a disposable. They are very convenient, but they require a longer dry-time than the other styles we have.

So far, I am loving cloth. Millie has not had a diaper rash since we made the switch. (I also switched to cloth wipes and some DIY disposable wipes made from paper towels— I think this has made a big difference in her rash situation too). I haven’t talked to our sitter about using cloth yet. I wanted to have a trial period first to check things out. I still have a lot to learn about cloth (like do we need a diaper sprayer? so far we’ve been doing ok without one; how can i fold a prefold to best hold poop? we’ve never had a leak on clothes, but the cover has been a victim every time; if I cloth diaper a newborn when we have another baby someday, will my stash of 18 diapers be enough?; can I travel and still use cloth?) but I have a lot of resources (my sister in law, an old friend who offered to get together to talk cloth, a church friend whose 18 month old son has been cloth diapered from the beginning, and a friend who is just starting out like me). Nate says I think too much about diapers. He’s probably right, but I wish I would have done this much thinking and research before I had Mils. I thought about cloth diapering then, but quickly brushed the idea aside since I was sure I wouldn’t have time to do it with a full time job. I wish I would have thought about night/weekend cloth diapering then— we would have saved a ton even if you include the cost of buying diapers for the sitter. Oh well. Live and learn.


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  1. Love this post! I got my 4.0’s today and have started the bazillion washes for the inserts. Hoping to use them tomorrow! Will keep you posted!

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