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I wasn’t going to do a blog entry for 21 months old. Millie isn’t changing drastically from month to month anymore. This past month, she didn’t learn any exciting new skill (although she is perfecting the foot-stomping-tantrum). Instead, life with a 21 month old is pretty much the same from day to day. We get up, eat breakfast (IMMEDIATELY— Millie always wakes up hungry), play (as in, get out TONS of toys, put them all over the floor, and then go get more), nap, eat, play, nap, eat, play, go to bed. It doesn’t sound like much, right? Kind of boring? NOPE. It is exhilarating. We love watching 21 month old Millie react to her environment. She loves to run from her bedroom to the living room and back, giggling all the way. She loves to give hugs and kisses. She likes open all of the cabinets on her toy kitchen and “rearrange” the contents. She pretends to be mommy to her baby dolls, then tosses them aside so that she can bug our dog and dance to whatever music Daddy has playing. She loves  to snack on fruit, animal crackers, and dog food (seriously, she loves dog food). She likes to talk on the phone (just jibber-jabber/ she’s still not saying many real words). She is nosy! She can be whiny. She can be ROTTEN. She is wonderful. And, seriously, she’s pretty darn adorable.Image 


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  1. That little girl has stolen my heart. I adore her haircut and her sassy attitude even more. Miss her!

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