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Remember when I used to blog once a week? Wait, I don’t think I ever did that. It was my goal originally, but then life happened and this blog took a backseat to everything else. So, if anyone still checks for new posts occasionally (Jennifer, I’m talking to you), sorry. I’m not going to promise to do better, because this blog will continue to be low on my list of priorities, but I will attempt to do a post every month or so. No promises, though.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get caught up:

  • Millie Louise is 23 months old. Her 2nd birthday is just 2.5 weeks away. CRAZY!!!! She is a pretty good girl most of the time. She loves to play outside and accompany us on trips to Target and Kroger. She has the patience of a 2 year old— as in, NONE. When she’s hungry, she wants to eat RIGHT NOW. When she wants to be held, you better hope you’re right there to pick her up because, WHEW, the girl will scream bloody murder if she doesn’t get her way. Nate and I are trying to find a balance between teaching her patience and keeping her from throwing “disturbing the peace” level tantrums. If anyone has any tips on this, we’re all ears. Millie’s vocabulary has really started growing in the past month. She tries to repeat a lot of what she hears us say and will say a lot of different words if prompted. She started a new in-home daycare last month and I think that has helped her learn a lot. She tries to sing her “ABCs” (well, she sings “a a a a a” but I’m sure she’ll get it in no time) and apparently she and the sitter’s little girl (just a few months younger than Millie) spend all day chatting to one another. 
  • Nate has had a busy few months. He is working full-time and taking 12 credit hours towards his Master’s in Counseling. He is pretty much always doing one of 3 things: getting ready to start homework, doing homework, or finishing up homework. I’m very proud of him and all of his hard work and I know it will all pay off in a couple of years (hopefully just a couple!!). 
  • Now, about me. I don’t know why I waited until the end to do my “update.” I am by far the most boring person in our family. Let’s see. I go to work, I come home and make dinner (usually I try to put it together the night before so our weeknights are a little less crazy), I do the dishes (sometimes… sometimes I just let them pile up in the sink and then the next day I say to Nate “can we just eat out? I don’t want to have to do dishes, cook, and then do more dishes!”), I do laundry (our new sitter was open to trying cloth diapers at her house… she usually uses a couple of disposables during the day too, but now that we’re nearly full-time cloth diaper-users, I do laundry every other day), and then I collapse in front of the TV or computer. Glamorous life, right? Try not to be jealous (I’m being sarcastic, but seriously, I wouldn’t trade my family for anything, and, while I wish that I could be a stay at home mom and do my household chores during nap time instead of squeezing them in after a 9 hour work day, I am happy to do things like laundry and cleaning… most days). 

So, I think that pretty much brings you (Jennifer and maybe Lisa? Do you still read this, Lisa?) up to date on what’s going on in our lives. It’s boring but it turns out boring can be busy, so we’re just trying to fit in some fun between Millie’s tantrums, Nate’s homework and my housework.  


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