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16 weeks #2
In case you haven’t heard already, Nate and I are expecting our second baby. In other words, things are about to get crazy (even crazier?) around here! I thought I might address some frequently asked questions about this pregnancy:
When are you due?
March 22, 2014.
How are you feeling?
Eh. I was feeling very sick for many weeks. Now that I’m 19 weeks along, I feel much better, but I’m still dealing with nausea off and on. With Mille, I think I was physically sick more often, but I think I’ve felt overall worse with this baby. I’m definitely more tired, as in exhausted. Of course, that could have more to do with my 2 year old rather than the pregnancy!
Do you have a feeling if it’s a boy or girl? Will you find out?
With Millie, I had a feeling she was a girl. I’d say it was a pretty strong feeling. I don’t have a strong feeling this time, but if I had to guess, I’d say we’ll be adding another little lady to the family. We will have an ultrasound at 20 weeks (SOON!) and, once we’ve shared with our families, we will share the gender with the world.
How does Millie feel about being a big sister?
We told Millie about the baby pretty early on, but at 2 years old, she doesn’t seem to really get it yet. In the last few weeks, she has pulled up my shirt to “kiss the baby” and says “I’m the big sister!” It’s adorable!
Any names picked out?
We have a short list, but we no clear winners yet.
Are you going to blog more often now that there’s a new baby coming?
I hope so! I’d like to document this pregnancy much like I did Millie’s. It’s fun for me to look back on the blog and see what I thought was important enough to write down. Still, things are pretty busy around here. Nate has class one evening a week and sees clients for Practicum one night, and has an online class… and I’m exhausted by 8:30 pm, so I probably won’t post as often as I’d like. But, I’ll try to keep you all updated. Let me know if you have questions that I didn’t address and I’ll get to them!


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