It’s a BOY!!   3 comments

My 20 week appointment was yesterday (already about halfway through this pregnancy). I was so excited for this appointment! I couldn’t wait to see the baby and find out the gender. Nate, Millie and I all were present for the big reveal— IT’S A BOY!! We’re so excited. He weighs about 12 ounces and his heart beat was 147 beats per minute. Everything on the anatomy scan looked good, but we are having another ultrasound in about 8 weeks to take another look at 2 cysts in his brain. Sounds SUPER scary, but my doctor told me not to worry, so I’m trying to follow his instructions. Prayers are appreciated. This baby boy is already very much loved and wanted and our hope is that our next ultrasound is reassuring that baby is healthy. 

I know some parents that prefer to wait until delivery day to find out baby’s gender. I have NEVER been that parent. I feel like the gender is a surprise whether you learn it in the ultrasound room or the delivery room. With this baby, I wanted to be able to prepare Millie as much as possible, so I love that now we can talk about Baby Brother (brother!!!! I still cannot believe we’re having a BOY) and, once we pick it out, call him by name. The next 20 weeks will busy as we get ready for baby:

  • POTTY TRAINING Millie is just around the corner
  • Moving Millie to a big girl room! We’ll need the crib for brother, and we don’t want her to feel like the baby stole it from her, so we’re hoping to move her into her new bed a few months before brother’s due date.
  • Tweak the baby’s room. It’s pretty much set up already, but we’ll trade out the pink and dandelion decor for a planes, trains and automobiles theme.
  • Name baby. Nate has a favorite name, I like it but I’m not 100% sold yet.

I’ll try to keep blogging along the way to keep you all updated on how things are going here. We’re getting excited for the Holidays and all of the exciting things that are just around the corner. 


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3 responses to “It’s a BOY!!

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  1. that is awesome that you will have a boy. I will be praying that everything checks out alright.

  2. I am beyond thrilled to have another little nephew. I’m so excited for you to have a boy of your own! I’m a bit biased, but boys are a blast :-). Praying for his little brain, and calm and clarity for his parents too. Hooray for little boys!!

  3. Yay! What a wonderful boy he will be. Millie will be a great big sister. Will be praying for the next ultrasound and peace for you guys until it’s here. So happy for you!

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