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Tonight was a rough night. REALLY ROUGH. I leave for work early in the morning, before Millie wakes up, so I spend a lot of my day looking forward to coming home to see her. I walk in the door and she usually comes running to me saying “Mommy!” It’s amazing. The rest of the evening, however, can be very different. Sometimes, it’s great— she’s sweet and cuddly and playful and funny. Other times, like tonight, it’s one battle after another. She cries when she runs out of milk in her cup, she cries when we don’t refill said cup fast enough, she cries when she gets ketchup in her hair, she cries when I have to give her a bath to remove said ketchup. It can be exhausting and so disappointing. I sometimes wonder how we’ll survive with 2 kids! A lot of the time tonight Nate and I were both dealing with a tantrum at the same time. I’m sure we’ll figure it out, but it is scary (exhausting and overwhelming) to think about.

Anyway, on such a rough night, I thought it would be appropriate to write down some of the funny things Millie has done and said lately. She’s pretty good (and FUNNY) most of the time and it will do my heart good to remember that:

  • She jumps around and says “whoo-hoo!” I didn’t teach her that and it took me a while to realize she got it from her “Meet the Letters” dvd. It’s just this quick part where a character jumps and says “whoo-hoo” for literally 2 seconds. It cracks me up that she noticed this little insignificant moment and decided to copy it.
  • This morning, Nate gave Millie half a banana. She then saw the other half and requested it. Nate said “you can have that when you’re done with the first half.” Millie then threw the banana half she was holding. 
  • Millie threw something the other night and I told her to say “I won’t throw things.” She said “ok, Mommy.” I said “No, Millie say ‘I'” She repeated “I.” Then I prompted “won’t throw”. She said “ok, mommy.”
  • I bought a potty chair for Millie the other night. I walked in, she saw it and said “wow!” She sat on it the rest of the night, moved it in front of a mirror so she could watch herself sit on it, and even attempted to take it to bed with her. I asked “do you want to put your pee-pee in there?” She looked disgusted, “No, Mommy.” 
  • When I ask her to say hi to her brother, she usually goes over to Major (our dog) and gives him a hug.
  • Millie LOVES her Little Tikes slide. She has even hugged and kissed it in the morning before leaving for daycare! When I asked if she’s going to share with her brother, she gave me the major stink eye. 

I wonder if anyone else thinks she’s as funny as Nate and I do. I wonder if I’m really capturing her adorable-ness. Probably not. She is super adorable. And sometimes has a bad night. (sigh) We all do. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!


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