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HOW CUTE IS THIS LITTLE GUY?!?!? This week, I had to go to my doctor and she ended up doing an internal exam just to make sure everything was ok. Turns out, I’m a little bit dilated… at not-quite 23 weeks. So, my doctor ordered an ultrasound to get a better idea of what was going on. Everything is fine (probably just a little “leftover” dilated from Millie’s delivery) and internally my cervix is “nice and closed.” After checking that, the ultrasound tech let me get a look at Baby Boy and, good heavens, he is cuuuuutttte. Cute little profile, cute little arms and legs… She even double checked that the boy parts we saw at the 20 week ultrasound were in fact boy parts— they are! The coolest part was feeling him move and watching the monitor as he moved. At one point, we saw his little hand come up by his face and he started sucking his thumb. ADORABLE.


I’m pretty crazy about this little guy already. Just 4 more months until my due date! Hopefully we can come up with a name for him in that time frame. Milie’s suggestion is “Dora” but I don’t think it suits him.

We’ll get another look at our little guy in about 5 more weeks to check and see if his choroid plexus cysts have resolved. They didn’t check for them yesterday, saying that they wouldn’t expect them to have resolved that quickly. From what I can tell, he looked pretty much perfect so I’m hopeful that the next ultrasound will go well and the rest of the pregnancy will be uneventful. Until then, I’m going to keep looking at this little profile shot and fall a little more in love with Baby Boy everyday.



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