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Baby Has A Name!   1 comment

When Nate and I found out we were pregnant back in 2010, we knew that we wanted to name the baby Millie Louise if it was a girl. So, when the ultrasound tech confirmed that we were having a little lady, we started calling her by name, no debates, no long discussions. It was so easy. I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy the second time around. It has been difficult to name Baby Boy. We started out thinking we would call him Martin (Nate and I just thought it was a funny, classic name that you don’t hear very often; plus we loved the idea of calling him ‘Marty’), but the name lost its luster as time went on. I didn’t like that our kids would both have “M” names because it sounded so intentional, even though we didn’t pick Martin because it was an “M” name. Also, Millie’s name is so special because it honors our grandmothers (Nate’s grandmother Millie Cowan and my mammas Betty Louise Jolly); Martin was just a fun choice. I worried that the “fun” would wear off someday and, without a sentimental reason for the name, I would end up not liking it. So, we began the boy name search… I liked Joel and Jonah (I like Old Testament names for boys) and Nate mentioned Truman (wasn’t sure if he was serious, but I shot it down) and Calvin. I had an ultrasound around 23 weeks and baby looked so, I’m not sure how else to state it, formed. He was sucking his thumb and had the sweetest little cheeks. Things felt so real and I remember thinking, I need to know this little boy’s name! So for several weeks Nate and I went back and forth discussing names. Then we stopped for a while cause we were getting NOWHERE. Then one day close to Christmas, Nate asked me “what does your gut say?” I don’t know, Nate, what does your gut say? He answered “David Nathaniel.” I WAS SOLD. Old Testament name? Check. Family name? Check (Nate’s name is Nathaniel David, so we’re just flipping it). We’ve spent the last weeks calling David by name and it sounds more right each time we say it. Millie can pronounce it, too, so that’s an added bonus. We’re well into the third trimester now, less than 9 weeks until David’s due date, and I am feeling better than ever. I’m excited to share more about the end of this pregnancy, all about how we’re preparing for baby and how Big Sister is doing (spoiler alert: she’s fantastic!) in the coming weeks. 


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Good News   1 comment

Last Saturday, I spent my whole morning at my doctor’s office. I had my glucose test, ultrasound and 28-week appointment. The ultrasound was first— and we got good news: no more cysts!! My doctor said this does not negate the fact that there were cysts on the 20 week ultrasound, but she said everything now looks normal and she doesn’t think we have anything to worry about. HOORAY! The baby was being pretty lazy during the ultrasound. He is currently positioned with his head under my ribs and feet near the, um, exit. He was facing my spine and REFUSED to roll over during the scan despite me poking him. He did move his little hand up to block my prodding. The ultrasound tech joked “Are you sure it’s a boy? He’s acting awfully stubborn like a girl!” Speaking of girls, Millie was cracking me up during the ultrasound. She was totally unimpressed by the miracle of her baby brother, kept asking “all done, mommy?” and she tried to turn the light on. Rotten, rotten girl. We finally got around to getting her a new bed (since we’ll need the crib in just a couple of months!). She was very “helpful” while Nate put it together and was so excited to sleep in it once it was done. All was good for about 2 hours. Then, things went downhill fast. The new bed is in our former guest room since the plan was to leave the crib, changing table and rocking chair in the little bedroom for the new baby and move Millie into a big girl room. I don’t know if it was just too much change (new bed, new room) but Millie cried most of the night until we finally brought her into our room after 2 am. So, she was back to sleeping in her crib the next night. Poor kiddo. She’s got a lot of change coming up. Hopefully she’ll adjust ok. Just about 11 weeks until my due date. Good grief, that sounds soon! We sure have a lot to do to get ready for this baby…

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