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1 month old on 4-17-14

1 month old on 4-17-14

David is actually 6 weeks old today, so this “1 month old” post is a little late. Better late than never, right? Here’s some things to remember from our baby boy’s first month:

  • David weighed in at 10 lbs 10 oz at his 1 month appointment (1 ounce bigger than Millie was at her 2 month appointment). He is a big healthy boy!
  • David eats every 2.5 to 3 hours, but there have been days when he’s eaten every hour.
  • David likes to be swaddled when he sleeps and takes a pacifier
  • He is wearing size 3 month clothing. He was too big for the newborn size right from the start.
  • We get stopped everywhere we go so that people can rave about David’s hair (both the quantity and the length). I love it most when it is freshly dried after a bath, so fluffy!
  • David smiled his first real smile at 5 weeks old and started cooing then too.
  • David is held a lot— we all take turns. Big Sister Millie asks to hold him at least twice a day.
  • David goes to bed around 8:30 or 9 then wakes at 1:15 am and 4 am for feedings.
  • David is a noisy sleeper, making lots of little grunts and sighs. He would fuss a bit to let Mommy know when he was hungry, but never did wake his sister in the overnight hours. He slept in a bassinet in Mommy and Daddy’s room for his first month.
  • David, unlike his sister, does not have a lot of nicknames. He is called “David” most often, sometimes “buddy.”
  • David is a snuggly baby. When having a fussy day, he is easily calmed to sleep if Mommy lays down next to him.

2014-04-13 12.29.57

Millie will be 3 years old tomorrow (4-29-14)! I remember 3 years ago today, being a few days past my due date and complaining to Nate that it felt like I was never going to have our baby. Fast forward to today, I can hardly believe I have a 3 year old. Here are some things I want to remember about life with this girl:

  • Millie is LOUD. She is constantly jabbering, clapping, stomping, dropping things… ALWAYS MAKING NOISE. When I say “MILLIE!” she now just says “sorry, Mommy” as an immediate response and goes about her noisy ways.
  • Millie is loving. She loves her baby brother. She loves her friends at daycare. She loves her grandparents. If I stub my toe, she runs over to give me a kiss and make it better.
  • Millie’s favorite TV shows are Caillou and Super Why. She also likes to watch The Little Mermaid.
  • Millie sings all the time— “Twinkle Twinkle”, “ABCs”, and “I Love You” from Barney are part of her regular rotation. Instead of “I love you, you love me”, she sings “I love me, I love me ” for the opening line.
  • Millie’s speech is a little behind (compared to other 3 year olds I know). I’m not worried about this at all. I know she will catch up. Her hearing is fine and she can make the correct phonetic sounds, she just mispronounces some words. Here are some of my “favorite” mispronunciations: Nee-nul (purple),  Mama Nee (Grandma Diane), Nin (Aunt Jen), hummis (gummis, as in fruit snacks).
  • Millie continues to be the Queen of Nicknames. We regularly call her Mills, Moose, Moosey, Moose-juice, Mildred, Millicent, Moo-Moo,  Sissy, Sis, Millie-Girl. (See why it’s strange that her brother LACKS nicknames?)
  • Millie loves to play outside, especially on a slide.
  • If you ask Millie what she wants for dinner, she almost always says “cheeseburger” but her favorite food is probably a taco or enchilada with lots of sour cream. Ice cream is her favorite treat.
  • Millie is wearing mostly size 3T. In pants, she can fit into 24 month for the waist, but needs the 3T length. She wears some 4T tops.
  • Millie’s 3 year doctor’s appointment is a month away, so I’ll have to update her weight (maybe 30 lbs?) and stats at a later time.

My heart is very full today. It’s surreal to have a 3 year old and 6 week old. I am so honored to be their mother.


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