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May has been a BIG month at our house. One week after Millie’s 3rd birthday, she started wearing BIG GIRL UNDERWEAR!!! We tried potty training her when she was about 2.5 but after a whole week of accidents, tears, and Clorox cleaning wipes, we determined she was just not ready to train and put her back in diapers. She would sit on the potty on and off, had a few successes at daycare, but overall did not seem overly interested in going potty. After David was born, she showed NO interest in the potty for a few weeks. She didn’t even want to sit on it. After about a month, she started to show “signs of readiness.” For the first time EVER, she would ask for her diaper to be changed. That’s right, up until then, she was perfectly content to sit in a wet or even dirty diaper. 2 weeks before her 3rd birthday that changed. All of a sudden it was “diaper wet” and “wwwwww, poop!” HOORAY! We talked about going potty a lot and I’ve always invited her to join me in the bathroom when I go, but around this time we also started reading her potty book daily and I told her that she was a big girl and would start wearing underwear soon. A week after her birthday, I told her “no more diapers” and that was that. She had 2 accidents the first day (once in the bathroom— she just didn’t make it to the potty, and once when I was cooking— my bad). From there she had an accident on day 4 (the first time we left the house in big girl underwear) and maybe a couple more than I don’t remember. She still struggles to make it to the potty for #2 but I’ve heard that can take a while. She is wearing underwear all the time, even overnight, and, not only are we proud of her, she is very proud of herself. She runs out of the bathroom shouting “I did it!! I did it!” multiple times a day. I really wanted her to be potty trained before David was born, but, JUST LIKE EVERYONE TOLD ME, she did it when she was ready. 


Yesterday, Millie and David had their well checks. Millie is a healthy, 28.5 pound 3 year old. The doctor watched her walk and jump and had her draw a circle. She said Millie was very good at following directions (for her, maybe) and we talked about her speech. I shared my thoughts that she is a little behind and, after asking her a few questions, she referred us for a speech evaluation. Pretty much what I expected. The doctor said we should be able to understand about 75% of her words. I can probably understand that much, but other people don’t know what nee-nul (purple), dada-doo (chocolate milk), and dee-dah (David) mean. I am hoping the evaluation goes well and we are either given exercises to work on at home or that she’ll improve with just a few sessions. I go back to work soon and am nervous about fitting in speech therapy with a crazy-busy schedule. David’s half of the appointment went well. He is a healthy, 12 pounds 15 oz at 2 months (actually 10 weeks) old. He seemed a little wary of the doctor, which surprised me since Millie wasn’t like that at his age. It made me a little nervous since soon he’ll be at daycare and I need him to be comfortable with a caretaker other than mommy. 

I can’t believe May is almost over (where did March and April go??). For the next week and a half, I am planning on soaking up every moment with my two kiddos. I am not looking to returning to work, but it is inevitable so I need to just face it. Hopefully we fall into a routine quickly and easily. 


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