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It’s Looking Pretty Girly   8 comments

Since the moment that little line showed up on the home pregnancy test, we have been excited to learn whether we were going to be welcoming a little boy or baby girl into our family. Day #1 we both made guesses: Nate guessed girl and Julie guessed boy. Then, a week or two went by and Julie became convinced that Lil Person was a girl. More weeks went by and, at our 17 week check up, Julie began to waver on her gender prediction yet again. Nate, however, stuck with the girl-guess from the get go. Well, yesterday we were fortunate to see Lil Person via ultrasound and found out whether we would be seeing blue or pink in the near future. Just before heading back to the ultrasound room, we made our final guesses: Nate, girl; Julie, girl. Our ultrasound technician asked us right away whether or not we were interested in finding out the gender. Julie screamed (I just wanted to make sure she heard clearly) “YES!” and we were off. (A quick side note: to those of you with the desire to wait the full 40 weeks and who learn baby’s gender in the delivery room— WOW. Your patience is AMAZING. There is no way we could do that!) The first thing we noticed when the ultrasound got going was that our Lil Person really is a little person now. It’s amazing how much development has occurred in the 11 weeks since our early ultrasound. The second thing we noticed was that Lil Person was going to be quite cooperative for the “money shot”. We have heard stories of babies that maintain their privacy during the anatomy ultrasound and who won’t allow a look between their little legs. Lil Person, however, was well behaved and allowed us a peek at the goods. Our ultrasound technician gave us the news by saying “It’s looking pretty girly down here.” “How girly?” Julie asked. “I mean, are we confident we’ve got a girl?” The ultrasound technician answered by typing “girl parts” onto the image on the screen. Nate and I both thought she looked like a girl, but we wanted confirmation from the professional. So, there you have it! Lil Person is a Lil Lady. We are thrilled (well, more than thrilled, but there really aren’t words to express just how we are feeling!). And for those of you who are wondering, yes, we do have a name picked out. Our wonderful sister-in-law Melissa thinks we’re “brave” (I think she meant to say stupid) for sharing the name this early on, but we love it, it is very meaningful to us, and we don’t really care if other people hate it. So, without further ado, allow us to announce the name of our baby girl, Millie Louise. Millie was Nate’s grandmother’s name (Millie Cowan); unfortunately she passed away in 2009. Louise is the middle name of Julie’s Mammaw (Betty Jolly).  We’re hoping that our Millie honors these women well by exhibiting the same warmth and hospitality that her namesakes are known for. We wanted to leave you with some pictures of Millie Louise (who weighs a whopping 1 pound and appears to be healthy as can be) and show off her big feet and chicken legs, but our scanner is not working right now. So, stay tuned! We’ll be sure to post pictures just as soon as we can.


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Shot to the Heart, er– Stomach!   1 comment

Stab, stab, stab.

A few years ago (some of you family and friends may remember), Julie was hospitalized for the treatment of a MASSIVE blood clot in her left leg and 3 in her lungs. After recovering, she learned that she has a blood disorder that causes her to hypercoagulate. The risk of clotting is increased by certain triggers such as prolonged inactivity (like on a long plane trip), the use of birth control pills, and— here’s where this gets interesting— pregnancy. Shortly after the home pregnancy test revealed that our family would be expanding, Julie’s doctor prescribed an injectable blood thinner to help prevent the occurrence of a dreaded clot. So, for the entirety of the pregnancy and the first six weeks following the delivery of Lil Person, Julie gets to give herself shots in the stomach. She was nervous about the injections at first, but it turns out they’re not too bad. We’re all just hoping that these shots will be sufficient to prevent a blood clot that could be dangerous to both Julie and the baby (and it sure would be nice if they had some additional benefit— like ensuring that Lil Person is born already sleeping through the night!). In general, the pregnancy is going well (and finally, now that Julie is 14 weeks and 5 days along, the nausea is starting to let up) and Lil Person is healthy and growing. We hope things continue to go well and look forward to giving you all more updates along the way. Stay tuned!

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Heartbeat, It’s a Love Beat   Leave a comment

This morning, Julie had an appointment to hear L’il Person’s heartbeat. Nate did not go because he has been under the weather and was afraid of spreading illness to expectant mothers.

The heartbeat is strong, in the 150bpm neighborhood. Grownup heartbeats sound like this: THUM-BUMP      THUM-BUMP     THUM-BUMP.

L’il Person’s heart sounds like this: lubdublubdublubdublubdub. It’s fast and really cute. When Julie got home she got on the internet to see if we could guess a gender from the heartbeat. Old wives say we are having a girl based on the b(s)pm. Younger wives say the old wives are full of crap.

We’re very anxious to know what we are having, but it looks like we’ll just have to wait until science joins our team in December. All we have right now is our best guess, which is just about fifty-fifty.

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It’s a baby!   4 comments

Several weeks ago we found out we are having a baby, which means that soon we will have a child that will do things that every child does, but we will find these things to be monumentally important and mindblowingly adorable. While we don’t expect ‘John Q Blogreader’ to appreciate every giggle and burp that comes from our offspring, this baby has friends and family scattered throughout the contiguous United States. Therefore this is our blog; the purpose of which to keep family and friends informed of the goings on of our growing family.

Here’s what you need to know so far: 1) We are due April 25th, 2011. 2) The sex of our baby, hereafter known as “L’il Person”, will remain unknown until late November/early December. 3) L’il Person makes Julie very sick unless Julie can get McDonald’s Breakfast. 4) We had an early ultrasound a few weeks ago (see below), and L’il Person, at the time, had little arm and leg buds and a little, yet strong heartbeat.

See the leg buds!?!

More to follow! Stay tuned!

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