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The 3rd Year is The Charm   5 comments

 December 1, 2010 is our third wedding anniversary. For anniversaries #1 and #2, we splurged and celebrated by going to dinner at The Precinct (#1) and Carlo & Johnny (#2). Ah, there’s nothing like a delectable steak and the fine service that accompanies the Jeff Ruby experience. However, for anniversary #3, we are being a bit more practical. With a baby on the way, it is difficult for us to bring ourselves to spend $80-100 on dinner (that’s more than our grocery budget for the entire week!). Still we want to take the opportunity to celebrate. Year #3 has been fantastic. Here’s a quick review of some of the highlights from our third year of marriage:

  • We paid off all of our “consumer” debt (as in a car loan and student loan). Now all that’s left is the mortgage and we’re looking forward to kissing that goodbye as soon as we can!
  • Nate discovered a new love of cooking— and he is AMAZING! It all started when he borrowed a Weber grilling book from our local library. We ended up purchasing our own copy and now Nate is cooking his way through the book while discovering lots of other fantastic recipes along the way. Seriously, he’s good— come over for dinner. You’ll see, er, I mean, taste.
  • Nate and Julie both got new jobs! Nate left US Bank for Cincinnati Christian University in July and LOVES it. Julie took on a new role as an Underwriter for Western Southern Life in August. It is a much more interesting and challenging position.
  • Julie (finally) graduated with her degree in Business Management. Finally. Hallelujah!
  • Nate and Julie both have found ways to be involved at Echo Church. Nate has been using his creativity and video editing know-how to produce videos on the 10 commandments. Julie has become involved in the children’s ministry, recruiting volunteers and writing lessons. We both feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful community of believers!
  • And last, but not least, we learned that we will be welcoming a new family member into our lives in Spring 2011!

Wow, what a year! As we celebrate our 3rd anniversary (by repeating our 1st date and eating at Dewey’s), we can’t help but look forward to year 4 and many more to come.


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