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Catching Up   1 comment

Another long hiatus between blog entries. I know, I know. I’m the WORST and you, my loyal blog-reader, were beginning to lose hope that you would not get to hear about the latest happenings in the lives of the most boring family ever. Well, never fear! I’m back and it’s time to catch up:

  • Just before Thanksgiving, Nate, Millie and I went to lovely Arizona to visit my sister, her husband, and their new baby boy. The trip didn’t start out great. Our flight was delayed so, instead of arriving in Phoenix at 9:30 pm local time, we arrived at 12:47 am (to us, it felt like almost 3 am!!). Millie was EXHAUSTED and it was hard to get her to settle down to sleep in a strange place at such an ungodly hour. I ended up sleeping with her on the floor of Matteo’s room (Cousin Matteo graciously let Millie borrow his room while we were in town). Once Millie caught up on some sleep, the rest of the week was perfect. The weather was gorgeous and we got to spend a lot of time holding Matteo and visiting with Jen and eating ridiculous amounts of delicious food. It was my kind of vacation.


  • We spent Thanksgiving with Nate’s family. Millie got to spend lots of time with her grandparents, aunts and uncles (partly because she refused to nap while we were away from home) and, even though she wasn’t a big fan of turkey, I think she enjoyed the feast. Her favorite part of the day? Walking from the dining room to the sun room- there is a little step and she loved going up and down over and over again. She’s pretty easy to entertain.
  • December 1st was our 5th wedding anniversary! We originally had BIG plans for the day, but we ended up having a low-key celebration instead. We went to my aunt and uncle’s house first to see Santa. Every year, my aunt and uncle host a meet and greet with Santa— he lands in a helicopter on their property and all of the kids get to meet him and share their wish lists! This was our first time attending and it was a blast. The weather was great, Millie loved watching the helicopter land, and she wasn’t intimidated by Santa at all!








  • After meeting Santa, my mom watched Millie while Nate and I went out just the 2 of us. We had lunch, went to Half Price Books, and a pet store (I have it in my head that I want another dog… I won’t discuss it further here, that deserves its own blog post…) before heading back to get Millie. She didn’t miss us at all! She had a blast playing with Grandma Diane! Millie was worn out when we got back home so we put her to bed, but she woke up a few hour later and was really sick (as in, vomit-in- the-crib sick). The next several days were spent taking care of a very sick, lethargic, nearly dehydrated little girl. It was no fun, but, thankfully, Millie is now back to normal.

Well, there you have it— you’re pretty much all caught up. Wasn’t my re-cap just thrilling? I know what you’re thinking… Arizona? Thanksgiving? Santa in a helicopter? You Keyses don’t seem boring at all! Well, thank you for thinking that. I mean, sure, we’re typically home every evening by 7pm so Millie can go to bed, and, sure, I’m usually in bed myself by 9:30, but all day before that we’re off doing fun things like singing “Jingle Bells” in the car just to keep Millie from crying and asking her “did you poop or just fart?” (sometimes the answer is surprising). Some may call it boring, but, truth be known, most of the time we’re having a blast.



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“AJER!”   2 comments

Millie has loved Major Tom, our Yorkie Bichon mix, since the first day she noticed him. She used to just be content to watch him, but now she is only content when sitting right next to him, petting him, or sharing his chew toys. Best buds, I tell ya! Millie also has started calling him by name. Well, to be more accurate, she has started yelling his name. Like Millie, Major Tom has a lot of nicknames: Maj, Maj-maj, Major-maj, Tom, Maj-tom, Tom-tom, Major T, Ground-Control-to-Major-Tom… yeah, we like nicknames at our house. Anyway, pretty much the only time I use Major’s full name is when I am yelling at him, which is daily, at least. Major likes to look out the window and bark at any passerby, which prompts me yelling “MAJOR!!” The other day, Millie echoed right after me “AJER!” IT WAS SO CUTE. A day or two after this happened, things got even cuter when Millie yelled “AJER!” when Major Tom barked without anyone else yelling first. ADORABLE, right?? Is anyone else understanding the level of cuteness I am describing??!!

Major Tom gets bad rap (mainly from me). He has poor manners, likes to “punishment pee” in the kitchen if we do something he doesn’t like, and, frankly, he smells like a dog. But, I must admit, the little guy is pretty adorable. He has been great with Millie. She is not very gentle with him- her pets are more like slaps and she likes to pull his beard hair, but he has only ever been sweet with her. He has never snapped at her, but rather he shares with her and is very patient. What more can I ask for from the family dog? Major turns 4 years old on July 5th, and I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sweet, stinky dog-son. Nate, Millie and I love you very much!

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I keep forgetting I have a blog   2 comments

When Nate and I started this blog, we imagined weekly posts full of charming anecdotes and witty humor. I really thought once weekly posts would be do-able- I mean, I would probably have to narrow down topics each week since Millie would be so entertaining and full of blog-worthy material. Well, a year and a half later, I am a blog failure. Sometimes I forget that we even have a blog! Thankfully for my 3 readers, my lovely sister Jennifer gently reminded me that it has been a while since my last post. Thanks, Jen!

So, time to fill you all in on life. We’ve actually been pretty busy at the Keyse house. Nate is taking a summer class, the first course of his Master’s degree program. He’s taking Basic Counseling Theories and Methods as an online course and it’s been a nice way for him to ease back into “student mode”. This Fall he will take 3 classes while continuing to work full-time. It’s going to be a crazy few years, but we’re excited to see what God has in store for him in a future career as a counselor. I (Julie) am excited to report that I passed my second underwriting exam (there are four total) and I am looking forward to new challenges at work. The financial group that I work for has three different life insurance companies and I recently accepted an offer for an underwriting position with one of the other companies. This will allow me to underwrite an entirely different market and enhance my experience for future endeavors. And, now, let me fill you in on the most interesting Keyse of all— Millie. The girl is BUSY. She is constantly on the move. She’s not walking on her own yet, but walks along all of the furniture and crawls very fast whenever she “runs out” of couch. Her favorite activities? Throwing toys in and out of her crib.

Crawling as fast as she can while she explores the house…

And laughing at her parents. She pretty much thinks we’re the funniest people EVER. Having a baby is so good for one’s ego.

Millie was fussing in the car the other day (she’s not a huge fan of the car) and so I started singing a song, making it up as I went along. I made Nate join in, mainly because I like to make him do stupid stuff, and Millie LOVED it. The lyrics include the phrase “Millie is a princess, Millie Louise” and she would crack up whenever she heard her name. I couldn’t see her very well, but I’m pretty sure she was swaying and dancing as much as she could in her car seat. The kid loves to dance. And we love to watch her.

We are getting ready for a visit from Jennifer and Tony, so I am sure that next week I will have a great post, full of pictures and stories, but for now, I must sign off. Not because I don’t have anything else to say, but because Millie is a wild woman and I want to go play with her. Seriously, I can’t get enough of this little face!


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Millie’s First Tooth   5 comments

I’ve been having a hard time lately. Millie has been getting “fussy” reports from the sitter everyday for the past 2 weeks. It breaks my heart to think of her being fussy while I’m at work and can’t comfort her. The first fussy week was the week she was getting over her cold, so it made sense. But this week she has been feeling fine at home so I couldn’t figure out why she was so fussy during the day. Well, we may have determined the reason. Drum roll, please…

Millie has her first tooth! Nate was the first to notice it and we both got so excited when we saw it! I told Nate, it feels like we’ve entered a whole new phase of baby-hood. Yesterday our baby was toothless, but today she has a tooth. It’s just another reminder that these sweet baby days are fleeting. They are going so quickly. First, a tooth; next, she’ll be leaving for college. Sniff, sniff. I feel like we just brought her home yesterday!

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Welcome Back!   Leave a comment

For the past week, my happy, content little girl has been replaced by a whiny, sick baby. Millie’s regular giggles and squeals and smiles have been replaced by cries, screams, and frowns.

It has been miserable. Millie hates to have her nose wiped, so she ends up crying when we have to do it… which makes her nose run even more…

Nate stayed home with her last Thursday and took her to the doctor. She’s been on an antibiotic and eye drop ever since, and, while her congestion has improved, she still wasn’t back to her happy, normal self… until today. When I got off the bus after work, I started walking toward home and I saw Nate and Millie walking toward me off in the distance (let me clarify, Nate was walking; Millie was being held). I took Millie from Nate when we met on the sidewalk and, for the first time in almost a week, Millie gave me a big smile AND a squeal!! Welcome back, Millie Lou! We sure missed you.

Ok, she wouldn't smile for the camera, but at least she stopped crying!!


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A Special Visit, a Millie-Update and The Bathroom Project   Leave a comment

Wondering what’s been going on in the lives of the Keyse family? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a quick update:

Jen and Tony came to visit!!! We love when they are in town. Nate and I always enjoy spending time with them (can someone please remind me why we don’t live next door to one another??) and now that Millie is here, visits seem even more special. Tony and Jen are so fun to be around and we had a wonderful time together.  This was Jen’s second time seeing Millie and Tony’s first time meeting his niece. Millie (and her parents) loved having them here.

Uncle Tony and Millie

Aunt Sister (Millie's special name for Jen) and Millie

 Millie is now 2 months old! I can hardly believe it. The past two months have been wonderful. Millie is such a sweet, charming baby. Here is her 2 month update:

  • Millie is 10 lbs 9 oz, 23 inches long with a head circumference of 14 & 3/4 inches—- all of the measurements are right about the 50th percentile
  • Our pediatrician thinks Millie’s beautiful blue eyes are here to stay (quite a surprise since my eyes are brown and Nate’s are hazel, but we think her blue eyes are perfect and suit her well)
  • Millie is sleeping through the night (she has since 5 weeks old!) and usually sleeps 8-9 consecutive hours in her own crib.
  • Millie is soft-spoken (so far). Her coos are barely louder than a whisper (in other words, she is not taking after Mom in this regard)
  • Millie LOVES to hang out in her pack-n-play and look at the toy giraffes on her toy bar. This is one of her favorite activities!

    2 months old on June 29th!

So far, Millie has been a such a sweet and easy baby. We love having her as part of the family. I overheard Jennifer tell her that “Jesus made you so sweet for your Mommy” and I am so thankful that He did! I have a few more weeks left of maternity leave and am excited that I get to enjoy the rest of this time off with such a good girl.

In other news, The Bathroom Project (yes, I am capitalizing the title to emphasize the scope of this thing) is going well. Nate and I know there’s no going back now. Phase 1 is complete— all of the old pink tiles are gone! We are working on Phase 2 (removing the old vanity and medicine cabinet, preparing the walls for new tile and paint) this weekend and we hope to begin Phase 3 (install new tiling) as early as Monday (we’ll celebrate the 4th of July with some shiny new subway tiles instead of fireworks). Then all we’ll have left to do is grout and seal the tiles, paint the walls, install the new pedestal sink/ mirror/ cabinet… ok, I guess I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s a lot left to do, but we’re on our way! Nate and I are enjoying the project so far. We’re sure that after tackling this, we’ll feel more confident in taking on ANY future home improvement projects.

the first tile we removed!

Phase 1 has been completed!

The rest of the summer is quite busy for our family. We are looking forward to the continuation and eventual completion of The Bathroom Project, a quick trip to Las Vegas where Millie will get to meet her Great-Great Grandmother (that’s right, 2 greats!), and I go back to work (sniff, sniff). We’ll keep you updated about all these exciting events as they unfold. But for now, allow me to leave you with one last oh-so-adorable picture of Baby Millie (I know she’s the one you really want to hear about!)…

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The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives   2 comments

I am not being dramatic when I say that today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Today is the day that Nate and I begin our bathroom remodel project! I have been wanting to remodel our bathroom since the day we moved in. Well, that’s not accurate. When we moved in our bathroom tile and tub were painted white. Now, you may be asking, why would someone paint their bathroom tiles and tub? Well we found out when I started to remove the paint last summer— pink tiles. Our house was built in 1959 (or ’58… I don’t remember which) right in the height of the pink bathroom craze. Apparently, we’re the first owners to want to change up the look. (I would actually be fine with the pink tiles, but some are cracked and in pretty bad shape, so we just decided to get rid of them all.) Here is a “before” picture of the bathroom.

And, while we’re replacing the tile, we decided to go ahead and remove the vanity that is currently in there, replace the sink, and re-paint the room for a full makeover. I really wanted to have the bathroom project done before Millie arrived, but, alas, time got away from us. It’s not too big of a deal to undertake this process with a baby in the house though. The bathroom is tiny and there’s only room for 1 person to chip away at the tile, so while one of us (me or Nate) works, the other person is on Millie-duty.

Here is how Millie and I spent our time while Nate set things up tonight. She played; I took pictures. Ah, I like Millie-duty. Anyway, neither Nate nor I have EVER done a home improvement project like this before. So, wish us luck! I will be excited to post “after” pictures soon (soon meaning in about 3-4 weeks… this is a HUGE project). I’ll leave you with a picture of the bathroom as it looked after being emptied and with a tarp down to protect the tub.

Is it bad that I already can’t wait for this project to be done??

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